P411 and RS2K preferred.                                  Members, please forward your screening credentials along with your appointment request.

Otherwise, please provide the following:

- Full name, email address, and telephone number

- Preferred contact method (with restrictions, if any, such as times to call, who to ask for, etc.)

- Two provider references  If you do not have current provider references, additional discreet screening methods are available.



I expect you to be a perfect gentleman before we meet, perhaps a little less so on our date. ;) 


When you're ready to play,  

Text me at: 312-752-8968  or

Email me at: marie@averyhappyhour.com

For ultimate privacy, you can get in touch via 

WhatsApp: 312-752-8968

Please note, I only answer or return voice calls from fully screened gentlemen and current friends.